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On Christmas Day I was allowed to open the Vitamix that Brian bought for me at the Good Food Show in November. To say that  a Vitamix is a  blender  is not an adequate description it is so much more than a blender. The motor is so powerful that with just friction it will get the contents of the jug very hot so you can make soup. It will also make ice cream using ice and smoothies are dead easy. I haven’t tried the ice cream yet but I have made good smoothies.
Today Brian and I went for a walk before lunch so when we got back I decided to have a go at making a soup.
The first recipe in the book is for Avodado Tortilla Soup, I had all the ingredients so that is the one I decided to make. All the ingredients are put into the jug then whizzed on high speed for 6 minutes or till you see steam rising from the jug. To give the soup a bit of texture you slow the speed and add some vegetables and whiz very briefly. I was amazed by the soup, I loved it and I will certainly be making it again.
Avocado Soup the soup should have had tortilla crisps added at the end but I thought that although it would give a nice crunch it would be adding something unhealthy, the healthy eating resolution has begun even though it isn’t New Year yet,  anyway I left them out and added a couple of spring onions instead.
I think my new machine and I are going to have a lot of fun.

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