Chicken Soup

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P1020827It’s still cold here, the temp has just about got to 0 so it was soup again for lunch.  Chicken soup or Jewish penicillin,  is supposed to be very good for you and helps you to fight off germs, it also helps you to get better when you have been ill.  We haven’t been ill we just fancied chicken soup. I would usually use a chicken carcass to make stock and put leftover chicken into the soup but I didn’t have any so I started with a chicken breast and some stock cubes. Surprisingly for me this soup is not spicy, I made up for it though by making a spicy vegetable juice to have with it. I’m trying very hard to eat 5 portions of veg a day.

Chicken Soup


1 cooked chicken breast shredded fairly small, (I poached it in chicken stock for 10 mins before adding the rest of the ingredients but leftover cooked chicken would be quicker)
2 chicken stock cubes & 500ml boiling water
1 large leek finely sliced
50g basmati rice


Put all the ingredients in a pan and cook for 12-15 mins till the rice is cooked. Don’t let it cook for ages or the rice will start to break up.

Chefs would probably suggest frying the leeks before adding the rest of the ingredients, I don’t and it  tastes fine.

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