Real Ale Rolls

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Ale RollsYesterday I made some rolls using real ale instead of water. I have used ale in bread before but always with water, it will be interesting to see how they taste. The basic recipe comes from Paul Hollywood’s book with the addition of some sourdough starter, which from now on will be called Richard, apparently lots of people give their starter a name. There are even hotels for sourdough starters, some people are so scared that their starter will die when they go on holiday they book it into these hotels so that somebody will feed it. Weird. I have never been that precious or concerned about mine and I have been unable to kill it ( not that I have tried). I don’t know how much of Richard I put in the dough, I didn’t measure it so maybe I am becoming a bread maker and am able to judge how much liquid to add by the feel of the dough. I don’t usually slash rolls but as there was a pair of scissors nearby I put a cut in the top of each of the rolls, it’s much easier than slashing with a razor blade. I have also started spraying the oven with water to create steam before putting the bread in the oven, because that is what Richard Bertinet does, this gives the bread a better crust.

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