Curry Night

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Yesterday was curry night in the Tait household. It was just supposed to be chicken curry and rice but once I started I kept going and added Lentil Daal, Naan Bread and chutneys.   I cheated and bought the poppadoms! Indian recipes can be a bit off putting when you see the list of ingredients but if you are organised and get everything out before you start it is quite easy. Saying that it took me most of the day to get everything ready then it was all gone in less than half an hour but I haven’t had to make any dinner tonight as I ate leftovers. Many years ago I went to adult evening classes which is when I first started making this curry, our tutor was called Amtul and this was her recipe, it has evolved a bit over the years though. The daal recipe is based on Anthony Worral Thompson’s recipe and I love it more than meat curries. The naan bread recipe comes originally from a book called the Breadmaker Bible by Karen Saunders but I don’t make it in a bread maker, I work the dough by hand following Richard Bertinet’s method (of course).  I have been cooking basmati rice the same way since the 1980’s, I like it and it is different every time I make it.   I don’t always add chillies, sometimes I don’t add anything except rice, salt and water.  The recipe is vague to say the least but it seems to work for me.

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