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IMG_2244I have never liked milk so have never eaten breakfast cereal and when I eat porridge I make it with water so in the past I have tried different non dairy milks with varying degrees of satisfaction. For a long time rice milk was favourite, I also liked oat milk but I have never like soy milk. A new addition to the supermarket shelves recently has been almond milk which I like. While looking for a way to make my own almond milk in the vitamix I found a Vitamix site that was new to me, Vitamix Australia. On this site I found a video on how to make an LSA porridge. Linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds in equal quantities are pulverised in the “dry jug” which is used for making your own flour etc. The mixture looks a bit like brown sugar and there are two ways of using it. One way is to cook it with almond milk, or any other milk that takes your fancy, the other way is to soak a couple of tbsps overnight in milk, like Bircher Muesli.The original muesli made with oats was the invention of a Swiss doctor as a way of getting lots of good nutritional food into his patients. The basic mixture is soaked overnight then you can add whatever you like, fruit, nuts, seeds, honey, syrup etc etc. I made my porridge mixture and as I put it into a box I hoped that I would like it as there is quite a lot! I took 2 tbsp of the mix, one would have been enough, and added some almond milk that had been blitzed with an apple. This morning I took the bowl out of the fridge. It didn’t look too appealing I have to say but I soldiered on. I added banana and grapes but I’m looking forward to strawberry season to give them a try, I’ll also put some nuts on it tomorrow but no sugar it was sweet enough for me. The apple taste came through strongly and surprisingly I liked it, maybe I have found a new breakfast that is a bit healthier than egg on toast.  The almond milk was super easy to make so now I just need to find a supplier of bulk nuts.   Am I turning into a hippie, am I on the way back to vegetarianism?  We will see.

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    jenniferataylor April 28, 2013 at 18:44 · Reply

    I’ll rake your word for it that it tastes better than it looks. It really doesn’t look very appealing

    • marietait34
      marietait34 April 28, 2013 at 19:11 · Reply

      That’s the problem with brown food!

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    jenniferataylor April 29, 2013 at 19:46 · Reply

    I’ll try it when I’m next home and see for myself

    • marietait34
      marietait34 April 29, 2013 at 19:50 · Reply

      It doesn’t look any worse than soggy weetabix but it tastes much better

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