Aldford and Cricket

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Today Ian was playing cricket for Cheshire so as it was a home match we thought we would have a day out, go for some lunch in a village pub then go and listen to the thwack of leather on willow while sitting in the sunshine watching Cheshire beat Cambridgeshire.  Well some of it happened!
We found out before the match started that Cheshire were first to bat, Ian usually comes on at number 11 so that gave us plenty time to go and get some lunch. We went to the Grosvenor Arms which is in a village near Chester called Aldford. The village was built as a designed village in the middle of the 19th century by Sir Richard Grosvenor who was the 2nd Marquess of Westminster. Without knowing this beforehand I knew that the village had something to do with the Duke of Westminster because of the markings on the buildings. If you look at the buildings you will see darker brickwork picking out the letter W. It is even on the kerbstones! Aldford is a very pretty village with everything a village should have from a church to a village shop, big houses, small houses, thatched houses, a manor house and farm houses. Some gardens had vegetable plots and some had flowers, there was even a resident horse. I wouldn’t have been surprised to meet Miss Marple. I wouldn’t mind living somewhere like that.
After a walk round the village we went to the pub and ordered our lunch. Brian predictably had the roast dinner, beef and pork mixed, and I predictably had deep fried haddock, chips and mushy peas. Lunch was very nice except for my mushy peas. In my very humble opinion mushy peas should be plain and simple, marrowfat peas soaked then boiled to mush, no fancy mint or added sugar to make it sweeter, or garden peas blitzed up to make them mushy, just mushy peas.
After lunch it was time to head off to Tattenhall Cricket Club who host the Cheshire matches. It is a lovely club in a little village, very picture postcardish with lovely views when the cricket was a bit slow.

This is where the day started to go a little bit wrong.  For a start it was cold, its no fun sitting outside watching cricket when it is dull and a bit breezy, this is not what happens when you see village cricket on the television!  I sat with a rug over my knees!!  How old am I?  The second thing to go wrong was that Cheshire didn’t win.  Ah well it was a good day out and rain didn’t stop play.

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    kathleenboylan16 May 6, 2013 at 19:20 · Reply

    They all look very clean .

    • marietait34
      marietait34 May 6, 2013 at 19:55 · Reply

      The village was very neat and tidy.

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