Another Bread Maker

Written by  //  May 5, 2013  //  News  //  No comments

My friend Mary wanted to learn how to make bread so on Saturday morning before she went to her band rehearsal she came to make her dough. It worked out really well, make dough, band, back here to shape the dough, lunch then bake the dough while we had coffee. The loaf turned out really well and apparently was enjoyed at breakfast today. We started with a basic white loaf and I showed Mary how to work the dough the Richard Bertinet way. It’s a bit awkward at first, and a bit messy but she soon got the hang of it and was slapping the dough down like a pro. She wants to move on to flavoured doughs next so maybe she has been bitten by the bread making bug, I hope so, I would like to see lots more people making bread, it’s easy and so much better for you to eat bread with no additives. It’s also cheaper!

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