Strawberry Jam

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It’s nearly time for Wimbledon which means it is strawberry time. I got some at a reasonable price so I thought I would make some jam.  Strawberry jam is best made with dry strawberries,  I wouldn’t use strawberries that were past their best either, they would go into a smoothie.


Picture 1.

I put 4lbs strawberries in my jam pan layered with 3lbs sugar. I used jam sugar which has added pectin, I always use this sugar for strawberry jam because setting strawberry jam can be unpredictable. I left the sugar and strawberries overnight

Picture 2.
Leaving the fruit and sugar overnight draws juice from the berries.
I used a low heat to dissolve the sugar then when I was sure it had all dissolved I added the juice of 2 lemons and brought the mixture to a rolling boil.

There are various ways to test if the jam has reached setting point.
You can put a little bit on a very cold plate and push it gently with a finger, if it wrinkles the jam is ready. I don’t like this method.
Another way is to stir the jam with a wooden spoon then twirl it round to get most of the jam off the spoon. Hold the spoon horizontally over the pan and watch the jam dripping off. If there is a flake of jam holding on to the edge of the spoon you have got a setting point. I usually use this method.
Another way is to use a digital thermometer. Because I now have one I decided to use a thermometer this time.

I looked up the setting point of jam which is 104C.
I tested the jam after 8 minutes but it wasn’t ready so I continued boiling for another 5 minutes. It got to 104C so I took it off the heat and stirred in a knob of butter to disperse the froth.
To prevent the strawberries floating to the top of the jar I left it to cool for about 20 mins. After 20mins I put the jam in sterilised jars.
It  became apparent a couple of hours later  that the jam was not set, so much for trying the high tech method!  It was too late to reboil the jam so I left it till the next day when I emptied all the jam back into the pan.

Picture 3
This is what the jam looked like after reboiling it but this time I took it to 106C. Much better, this time it set, I double checked with the wooden spoon test.

Picture 4
There was a little bit of jam that didn’t fit in the jar, just enough for a scone and cream. Lovely. It wasn’t ordinary cream though, it was almond cream but that is for another post.

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